Do Good

Kailo Tea is deeply passionate about giving back. We want to build a community that is genuinely excited to support others. We admire entrepreneurs for their ability to visualize, create, innovate and execute. Economies grow, when small business owners thrive. They use may rent physical space, use local labour and sell goods to their community. One of the greatest fulfilments in life is to have purpose. When a person has a desire to work and is given the opportunity to work, magic happens. We strongly believe that providing the necessary tools to empower entrepreneurs to develop an idea, will help grow and support a community. In other words, create sustainability.

So what have WE done?

We have committed to donating $1 of every bag sold to small business owners in developing countries.




The organization we currently partner with the Canadian World Education Foundation (CWEF). We are currently working towards purchasing a 1 acre piece of land which located in the Eastern region of Kenya. The land is fertile and has an irrigation system in place.

Abigail, or Mama max, as we call her is a vibrant and passionate woman who aspires to be an entrepreneur farmer. The land will be purchased for her. Our goal is purchase this plot of land by the end of 2018.

Who’s with us?



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