Mindfulness Meditation with Tea

Mindfulness Meditation with Tea

Posted by Anna Piotrowski on Nov 5th 2018

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a form of meditation where you simply focus your attention on the present moment. Meditation can be intimidating, while mindfulness is a more relaxed approach to meditation. Really taking in everything that is happening around you, at any given moment. Whether you drink tea for energy or to relax, being present while making your tea can help you unwind. You tea ritual can last 10 minutes or 1 hour - it’s really up to you.

How to practice mindfulness, when making your tea

1. Give thanks

Be grateful for something that has happened during your day. It may be as simple as, you took some time for yourself to make a cup of tea. Take a deep breathe in and say it out loud.

2. Make your tea

When you boil the water, listen to the sound it makes. Look at the colour change in your cup, as the tea leaves start to infuse the water. Smell your tea. How does it smell? How does it make you feel? Savour that first sip of your tea. What flavours can you taste? When you really become present, tea can help manage your stress and get off the autopilot routine.

3. Give thanks (again)

We cannot have too much gratitude. We often overlook the small things and take them for granted. Our health, family, friends, food and home. Stay present and thankful and you will have a more positive outlook on life.

Enjoy your mindfulness tea ritual!

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