About Us


Kailo Tea was started on the foundation that our body is a sanctuary. We nourish it with only the very best ingredients.

Kailo Tea provides a tasty tea and a daily dose of vitamins in one tea bag. This gives you a convenient way to take vitamins, reducing time and uncomfortable digestion. We are committed to using, when possible, high quality, organic and natural ingredients in our products.

Our founder, Anna Piotrowski, is a health warrior. She is a serial entrepreneur who is an advocate for all around well being: body, mind, and soul. Anna developed Kailo Tea with the intention to help support you live a healthier lifestyle.

Our commitment stretches further, by supporting small business owners in developing countries. We strongly believe that providing tools to empower people to develop their ideas into a business, will produce sustainability. The organization we currently partner with is the Canadian World Education Foundation (CWEF) – Tanzania Chapter Please stay tuned for upcoming projects.

Thank you for choosing our tea. We look forward to hearing from you!

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