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Kailo Tea was started on the foundation that our body is a sanctuary. We nourish it with only the very best ingredients. Kailo Tea provides a tasty tea and a daily dose of vitamins in one tea bag. This gives you a convenient way to take vitamins, reducing time and uncomfortable digestion.

Natasha Short
Holistic Nutritionist & Wellness Coach

What Others are Saying

"Wake Up tea is a lively, refreshing green tea infused with vitamins C, D and energizing B vitamins with a touch of orange, ginger and peppermint. It is the perfect tea to perk you up naturally. Zen Out tea is perfect for relaxing with it's rooibos base as well as Magnesium. This tea will help you unwind and mellow out."

Do Good

Kailo Tea is deeply passionate about giving back. We want to build a community that is genuinely excited to support others. When a person has a desire to work and is given the opportunity to work, magic happens. We strongly believe that providing the necessary tools to empower entrepreneurs to develop an idea, will help grow and support a community. In other words, create sustainability.

So what have WE done?

We have committed to donating $1 of every bag sold to small business owners in developing countries.

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